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Wednesday 30th November 2016

DSD II German Language Diploma

The Deutsche Schule Futures (DSF) prepares all students for the German Language Diploma (Deutsches Sprachdiplom - DSD) of the Federal Republic of Germany at several levels.
These exams are held at more than 800 schools in 60 countries, with about 46,000 participants every year worldwide. The DSD offers an official certificate with centralized exams. The exam consists of four parts: a written essay, reading and listening comprehension, as well as oral communication. Evaluation of the written part is conducted in Germany, but students take the exam in their home country.
The DSD is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Gemeinsamer Europäischer Referenzrahmen für Sprachen):
Level A2: basic use of the language; offers advantages for job applications.
Level B1 (DSD I): independent use of the language; language proficiency certificate permits enrolment at a preparatory "Studienkolleg" in Germany.
Level B2/C1 (DSD II): competent use of the language; language proficiency certificate counts as linguistic qualification for university studies in Germany.
Our DSD program enhances our students' learning experience, and allows them to live up to their full potential in secondary school education. It also gives them an edge in today's highly competitive international job market. Employers in Egypt and abroad acknowledge the DSD as proof of the holder's excellent knowledge of German.
The students of class 11 will attend the exam for the Level B2/C1 (DSD II) at the following days:
written: at Wednesday 30th November
oral: at Tuesday 10th January

Monday 28th November


Kindly be informed that the chickenpox vaccination will be at Monday 28th November 2016 via Vacsera, Holding company for vaccines and sera.
Only those students will take the vaccine who confirmed and paid for it.

Sunday 27/11/2016

Invitation for session "How Parents can deal with their kids when they enter schools"

In the Process of serving societies, the hospital of Dr. Gamal Mady Abuelazaem initiated a campaign to raise the awareness of the parents regarding how to deal with their kids when they enter school, the session is called ”Kids and schools”. Dr. Showikar Elbakry will be the lecturer, she is Dr. Professor in Psychology and a practicing psychiatrist, the session will be held next Sunday 27.11.2016 at 10:00 am in the residence of the hospital (Abdel Hamid Guda el Sahaar, beside Tajan school, in front of Rehab gate 13, Banafseg area, First settlement)
We have received an invitation to our parents, kindly if you would like to join send us an email for confirmation.

Thurday 24th November 2016

Lantern Party / Laternenfest

We would like to invite you for this year Lantern Festival for the primary class 1-3
Thursday 24th November 2016 starting from 5:30pm at the theatre
The students will present their Lantern songs and of course their beautiful lantern.
1.) Lantern songs
2.) Lantern walk
3.) Presents for the students
4.) Book flea market(Flohmarkt)
IMPORTANT - Please be informed, that the students of class 1-3 will have no lessons at the morning. They have to stay at home to be able to come afternoon to the party.
Like last year we will prepare a present for the students. But please we need your help to take the wooden lantern sticks back! That's why we will practice the following exchange system: In order to get your present please bring back the wooden lantern stick to the present table and then take your present.
Furthermore we will have a little book flea market as we arranged our library and sorted out some old German books. Please come and search at the prepared book tables if you are interested to take some books for a little donation for our worker staff. The winter is coming and we are planning to buy some warm clothes, shoes and blankets. Of course every donation is most welcome.
Many thanks!
We wish you all an enjoyable Lantern Festival.
School management