Futures Services

Educational Technology

We provide many educational technology like 1:1 Learning (Classmate PC), Interactive Whiteboards (IWB), etc...

1:1 Learning (Classmate PC)

We provide each of our students with a Classmate PC (CMPC), a personal laptop computer powered by Intel and designed for school students. In tandem with the CMPC’s, an e-Learning software is used by the teacher to manage the classroom electronically and communicate with individual students. Students utilize their personal computers to collaborate on projects and assignments. Within the 1:1 ecosystem, students’ individual needs and learning paces are better taken into account and dealt with. Teachers are able to tailor their instruction in order to target the needs of each student, facilitating differentiation of instruction within the regular classroom setting.

Interactive Whiteboards (IWB)

IWBs help transform our classroom into centers of interactive learning where students are engaged and teachers are inspired. The idea is to utilize millions of learning objects and accumulate them to prepare digital curriculum in no time. IWBs facilitate the educational process for both teachers and students by making it more interesting, while saving time.