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Our school is a national institution with a parallel curriculum aligned with Germany. The Ministry of Education in Germany awards our school two certificates in the German language. The first certificate is DSDI, which provides students with the opportunity to study in Germany. The second certificate, DSDII, is the more advanced one and enables students to directly enter German universities. Additionally, we are proud members of PASCH, an esteemed network of schools promoting the German language worldwide.

Year of Establishment: 2004

Ms. Nahla Nour

School Director

My name is Nahla Nour. I attended the German School in Bab el Louk (DSB). After graduating, I enrolled at the German University in Cairo where I studied German literature and language. During my time there, I discovered my passion for teaching and started working as a German teacher. To enhance my skills, I pursued further studies at Leipzig University, specializing in language education. Additionally, I completed training courses in German teaching with the support of the Center of the German School. I also obtained certification as an examiner from Germany in DSDI (Deutsches Sprachdiplom). Subsequently, I became an IB-certified teacher of language and literature. Today, I am honored to hold the position of Director at the German School in Rehab.

“Welcome to our German School in Rehab. We are dedicated to providing the best education possible to our students, fostering critical thinking skills, and preparing them for life through the use of diverse teaching methods. Our goal is to bring out the best in our students and contribute to the improvement of our country.”

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Type of Curriculum & Certificate

Egyptian National Curriculum – Thanaweya Amma (German)

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Teaching Methods

At Futures Language Schools, we believe in incorporating various teaching methods and approaches, to ensure that students receive a well-rounded education that emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and cross-cultural understanding.

One of the key components of our educational philosophy is project-based learning. Students work on long-term projects that require them to apply knowledge and skills in a real-world context. This approach can foster collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills, as students work together to find solutions to complex problems.

We strongly believe in the power of collaborative learning to enhance student’s educational experiences. The school encourages its students to work in small groups to complete tasks and solve problems. Through group assignments and extracurricular activities, students develop critical interpersonal skills, such as communication and teamwork, while building a sense of community within the school.

We also place a strong emphasis on inquiry-based learning. This approach encourages students to explore topics and concepts, developing their understanding through investigation and discovery. Teachers provide guidance and support as students explore their interests and engage in critical thinking and problem-solving.

We recognize that students learn best through hands-on experiences that enable them to apply what they have learned in a real-world context. To support experiential learning, the school provides students with opportunities to participate in field trips, simulations, and other experiential activities that promote learning through discovery and exploration.


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Address: 38 Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Square - Gate 13 - Al-Rehab City
Phone Number: +20 10 301 33 403