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Founded in 1993, Futures Educational Systems (FES) was established with a mission to enhance the quality and equity of education in Egypt by establishing an educational model that would be replicable, affordable, and financially sustainable.

At FES, we set out to create a unique educational and cultural model that advocates tolerance and acceptance of others through raising a mass of well-educated and well-rounded citizens, who are ready to leave their mark in their respective communities and pioneer tomorrow’s global workforce.

FES is the largest network of private schools in Egypt consisting of 22 schools with five diverse education systems including the National Egyptian Curriculum, American, British, French, and German systems.

FES currently serves more than 31,000 students across Egypt with schools in Cairo, Giza, South Sinai, Red Sea, Suez, Assiut, Minya, Sohag, and Qena.

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In alignment with the Ministry of Education, our character building, entrepreneurship and career readiness, and extra-curricular activities are an essential part of the curriculum.

Students Portal

Here students can access a virtual electronic portfolio as well as communicate directly with their teachers.


At FES, we provide access to bus services through many transportation routes, in and outside of Cairo.

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