Futures Language Schools: Moqattam

To ensure maximum geographical outreach, our schools are spread across Egypt with expansion plans, both nationally and internationally. There are 14 schools in Cairo, and 8 schools in Giza, Red Sea, South Sinia, Suez, Assiut, Minya, Sohag, and Qena; totaling 22 language and international schools in Egypt. Our language schools offer the Egyptian National Curriculum from Pre-Kindergarten up to Thanaweya Amma.

Year of Establishment: 1998

Ms. Amal Makhlouf

School Director

I am Amal Makhlouf, an experienced educator with 31 years of experience, primarily at Futures Language Schools. Throughout my career, I have progressed from a teacher to a department head and eventually a school director. I believe in integrating education with school activities to foster character and self-confidence in students. My primary goals include utilizing available resources to enhance the educational process, setting strategic objectives to elevate student standards, and maintaining the school’s reputation. I prioritize creating a stimulating and safe environment that provides care and attention to students. I am committed to providing a platform for students to express their challenges and organizing training courses for teachers and staff to keep them updated. I invite everyone to continue our journey of knowledge, growth, and excellence together.

“Dear students and parents,
As school director, I strive to create a second home and family within these walls. Together, we aim to shape a promising future for your children, our future leaders. Let us work together, communicate, and guide them towards greatness, instilling moral values and a sense of belonging. May God bless our journey.”

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Type of Curriculum & Certificate

Egyptian National Curriculum – Thanaweya Amma

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Teaching Methods

At Futures Language Schools, we believe in incorporating a variety of teaching methods and approaches, to ensure that students receive a well-rounded education that emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving, and cross-cultural understanding.

One of the key components of our educational philosophy is project-based learning. Students work on long-term projects that require them to apply knowledge and skills in a real-world context. This approach can foster collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills, as students work together to find solutions to complex problems.

We strongly believe in the power of collaborative learning to enhance students’ educational experiences. The school encourages its students to work together in small groups to complete tasks and solve problems. Through group assignments and extracurricular activities, students develop important interpersonal skills, such as communication and teamwork, while building a sense of community within the school.

We also place a strong emphasis on inquiry-based learning. This approach encourages students to explore topics and concepts, developing their understanding through investigation and discovery. Teachers provide guidance and support as students explore their interests and engage in critical thinking and problem-solving.

We recognize that students learn best through hands-on experiences that enable them to apply what they have learned in a real-world context. To support experiential learning, the school provides students with opportunities to participate in field trips, simulations, and other experiential activities that promote learning through discovery and exploration.


School Contacts

Address: Mokattam City, First Hill, next to Specialized Mokattam
Phone Number: +20 106 775 4647